Terran Borderlands Episode Guide

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I like to think of the “adventures” in the Terran Borderlands campaigns as if they were episodes of a science fiction TV series.

Season 1 was a little rough, just like many real television shows. We had a lot of turnover among the cast, as the game went from virtual to in-person. Season 2 is hopefully where the long plot threads start to shine.

Season 1

  • Episode 101 - Wreck in the Ring - A ragtag band of spacers is hired by an asteroid belt miner to help salvage the wreck of a military transport from the war. The ship is wedged into an icy asteroid that is breaking up fast. But something unexpected and disturbing lurks in the cargo hold.
  • Episode 102 - Signal 99 - Parvati Starport receives a distress call from an unknown ship, and the party springs into action. On arrival, the starship is found to be a Reticulan abductor, with a power plant that is quickly going critical. The rescuers must decide between saving humans, looting the ship, and pursuing a band of alien profiteers.
  • Episode 103 - Commodus Interruptus - Our band of troubleshooters is called on to gather clues about a mysterious portable base being used at a mine on Parvati. Could it be stolen booty from a pirate raid years ago?
  • Episode 104 - The Sneaky Zzhuzzh - A bar brawl breaks out between some Zzhuzzh spacers and Human miners. The next day, the troubleshooters are asked to look into rumors that another Zzhuzzh currently in police custody has stolen a valuable artifact. Coincidence, or some deeper plot?

Mid-season break as our program converts from virtual to physical…

  • Special Episode 1 - Encounter at Kallamatar - In a flashback to decades ago, a team of Terran scientists crash land on the mysterious planet of Kallamatar. While scouting for resources to help repair their ship, they meet a famous explorer who was thought to be lost decades ago. And then things get weird, as things start appearing on the planet that must be impossible. The famous explorer can’t explain things, either.
  • Episode 108 - The Creature on Crimson Colony Base - In a flashback to the war years, Reticulan scientists on a secret alien base are under attack from pirates. In the mayhem of the attack, a giant mutant beast breaks free from the lab and starts eating Reticulans. How many lab techs can get to the escape craft?

Season 2

  • Episode 201 - Die Hard in Space - The troubleshooters’ maiden voyage on their new experimental starship The Owl Bear takes them to the Lab Ship Nakatomi, where they must deliver a young lab technician in time for the annual holiday party. But the party has already been crashed by a band of Zzhuzzh pirates. Can the Terrans get rid of the uninvited guests and save Christmas?
  • Episode 202 - Expedition to Crimson Colony Base - Following up on a lead from the belter Hiram Van Duessen, the troubleshooters travel to the remote ice planet Brahmagupta in search of answers to the mystery of what a Reticulan saucer was doing there 17 years ago.
  • Episode 203 -