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Official Rulebooks

Cepheus Engine Rules

This is the main rulebook for Cepheus Engine. All the material is licensed as “Open Game Content”. There are two versions of this book, and they differ only in formatting. Cepheus Engine doesn’t contain any setting-specific material.

There are three ways to get this basic rulebook:

  • The PDF version of the rules is available as a “Pay What You Want” item from Samardan Press on DriveThruRPG. It is a 208 page PDF.
  • You can access it for free in HTML format right here:
  • Or you can buy a softcover or hardcover printed book for $14 to $20 on DriveThruRPG by Moon Toad Publishing. It’s 172 pages. It has the same material as the Samardan Press version, but is formatted to be shorter. And this version is also published as a PDF.

These Stars Are Ours! Rules

This book has the game setting, including new careers and some custom rules. I bought the hardback version of the book and it’s good quality.

Here is where to get a softcopy or hardcopy of the basic rulebook, plus some extra stuff like a character sheet and some deck plans:

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