A note about references

On this site, when I refer to rules or setting material from specific books, I’ll mark the reference so we know where it came from. Here are the shortcuts I use for that:

CESRD = Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, Samardan Press

CD = Cepheus Deluxe, Original Printing - September-October, 2021, Stellagama Publishing

TSAO = These Stars Are Ours!, Revision 2, Stellagama Publishing

Things to read

Want to know how to play this game? Maybe you’ll find one of these useful.

UPDATED: Cepheus Deluxe Personal Combat Quick Reference Version 2

Or perhaps the Cepheus Deluxe Character Sheet

Official Rulebooks Cepheus Engine Rules The Terran Borderlands campaign has switched from Cepheus Engine to Cepheus Deluxe. So this isn’t relevant anymore.
1 min read
Converting PCs from Cepheus Engine to Cepheus Deluxe Introduction Cepheus Deluxe is a new rule set for space opera sci-fi RPG campaigns, published by Stellagama Publishing.
7 min read
Encounter at Kallamattar Encounter at Kallamattar is a special episode of my These Stars Are Ours! campaign. It uses a ruleset called Encounter written by John Ayliff for the One-Page RPG Jam 2021.
1 min read
New Player Kit I put together this collection of documents for new players. You can read the whole thing as one big PDF file or download the individual parts.
1 min read
During Character Creation Every PC is Terran. The game allows alien PCs, but I don’t. There are three homeworlds to choose from: Terra, Jambavan, and Parvati.
5 min read