A note about references

On this site, when I refer to rules or setting material from specific books, I’ll mark the reference so we know where it came from. Here are the shortcuts I use for that:

CESRD = Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, Samardan Press

TSAO = These Stars Are Ours!, Revision 2, Stellagama Publishing

Things to read

Want to know how to play this game? Maybe you’ll find one of these useful.

Encounter at Kallamattar Encounter at Kallamattar is a special episode of my These Stars Are Ours! campaign. It uses a ruleset called Encounter written by John Ayliff for the One-Page RPG Jam 2021.
1 min read
New Player Kit I put together this collection of documents for new players. You can read the whole thing as one big PDF file or download the individual parts.
1 min read
Official Rulebooks Cepheus Engine Rules This is the main rulebook for Cepheus Engine. All the material is licensed as “Open Game Content”.
1 min read
During Character Creation Every PC is Terran. The game allows alien PCs, but I don’t. There are three homeworlds to choose from: Terra, Jambavan, and Parvati.
5 min read